Stockholm Gerontology Research Center 
The core areas of Stiftelsen Stockholms läns Äldrecentrum [Stockholm Gerontology Research Center Foundation] are research and development. Its task is to “improve living standards for the elderly by utilising and putting into practice experience and research results in areas of particular significance to the situation of the elderly in the community, and to initiate and conduct research and development regarding conditions for the elderly, in our own operations or in partnership with or on behalf of other municipalities or organisations”.

Through greater knowledge, Stockholm Gerontology Research Center is to help improve conditions for comfortable ageing and high-quality elderly care. Since its inception in 1986, Stockholm Gerontology Research Center has focused on areas such as dementia, risk factors and factors that contribute to comfortable ageing, and collaboration between county councils and municipalities. Another major area of focus is how care services function for elderly people with the most serious illnesses.

Several reports have been produced as a result of studies conducted on behalf of the authorities responsible for Stockholm Gerontology Research Center, the City of Stockholm and Stockholm County Council; other municipalities; public authorities such as the National Board of Health and Welfare and the Swedish National Institute of Public Health; the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs; and others.

Creating the conditions for applying the knowledge gained is one of Stockholm Gerontology Research Center’s key tasks. Research circles, networks and training programmes are examples of ways this work can be carried out.

Stockholm Gerontology Research Center is led by a board appointed by the county council, the city council in Stockholm, and the care services committee at Stockholm County Association of Local Authorities. There is also an R&D council with senior officials from the responsible authorities and representatives from the National Pensioners’ Organisation (PRO) and Sveriges Pensionärsförbund (SPF – Swedish Pensioners’ Assocation).

Stockholm Gerontology Research Center is responsible for part of the nationwide longitudinal research study, SNAC (Swedish National Study on Ageing and Care), the part that is conducted in Kungsholmen, Stockholm. The study, which began in 2001 and is estimated to span a couple of decades, is to expand knowledge on ageing and health trends, and provide a better basis for developing preventive measures and elderly care.

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Stockholm Gerontology Research Center has been responsible for several large projects that aim to reinforce workplace learning and language development in elderly care. The APU project (Arbetet, Platsen för Utveckling [Work – The Place for Development]), SpråkSam and ArbetSam are earlier examples of major projects where experiences and evaluations from one project was a point of departure for the next. The ArbetSam project aimed to strengthen those working in elderly care who, due to a lack of skills, are in a weak position on the job market. By raising the skills level of the entire workplace, quality is improved in both the care services provided and in individual learning. In the current project, TDAR, Transfer and Development of ArbetSam Results, the methods and materials from ArbetSam are transfered to partners in Germany, United Kingdom, Spain and Belgium. The results will be further developed together with the participating partners. The project started October 2013 and will run until September 2015.
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Äldre I Centrum Magazine
Stockholm Gerontology Research Center publishes the magazine Äldre i Centrum [Focus on the Elderly], a nationwide magazine that provides information on current geriatric research. The magazine aims to bridge the gap between the research community and the public.

House of Aging Research
Stockholm Gerontology Research Center is part of the House of Aging Research, which also comprises the Aging Research Center (ARC), for which the responsible authorities are Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm University and the Swedish Dementia Centre. The House of Aging Research functions as a platform for close collaboration on issues concerning the elderly and ageing.